To: All online business owners

who want to sell MORE of their products and services

The biggest difference between those products and services that have sold millions and those that fail miserably, has almost nothing to do with the quality of what’s being sold.

While, of course, quality is important, it doesn’t make the sale … it’s the copywriting that does that.

That’s because you have to be able to explain the benefits of what you’re selling, in order to get people to buy.


And, if you can’t explain those benefits better than your competition, you’ll likely get crushed.

Which is why I believe that effective sales copy–copy that gets people to take action–is key to building a succcesful business.

However, there’s a big problem …

It’s Not Easy to have „Great Sales Copy“ (i.e. a sales message that works)

In Fact, It’s Incredibly Difficult!

Until now, we’ve really only had 2 straightforward options for getting sales copy:

You can write the sales message yourself


You can hire a “professional” copywriter to write it for you.

But with those options, come several additional problems…

First, learning to write effective sales copy is far from easy. The greatest copywriters in the world have devoted their entire lives–hundreds of thousands of hours–crafting that very skill.

If you don’t have the time OR the motivation to learn how to write amazing sales copy, or you just aren’t confident you could ever be good at it … then, of course, you have the option of hiring a copywriter.

But, again, there are many


to hiring a professional …

First, the vast majority (upwards of 80%) of “professional” copywriters may be great at writing, but far less successful at getting people to actually buy whatever it is you’re selling. So, their sales message might read well, but get pretty lack-luster results. These copywriters talk big game, but almost always over-promise and under-deliver.



Secondly, nobody knows your product better than you. Nobody. So, by hiring someone else to craft your sales message, you’re blindly hoping that they’ll understand the ins/outs and benefits of what you’re selling. And more often than not, they’ll know, maybe 75% of what you know … and that just won’t be enough to make up for their better overall copywriting skills.



Third, hiring a copywriter isn’t cheap. The lower-priced ones charge $2,000+ for a long-form sales letter or video script. The average copywriter charges $5,000-$7,000, and the good copywriters charge $15,000 and up. All for a single sales letter!

It can be worth it--if the sales letter converts well and makes you more than you invested--but even the best copywriters don’t win every time. Nor do they issue refunds when their copy doesn’t deliver the results you wanted. Oh, and did I mention that most require a 50% deposit upfront before they even start writing?




It costs money to invest in copywriting courses and books, and while you can get most books for under $50, it’s still an investment in something that’s ultimately dependent on whether you can read it, absorb it, and most importantly … implement it.


It takes a considerable amount of time to read a book . A week if you’re very fast. A month if you’re not … even longer if you plan to take notes and really study the strategies.


And here’s the biggest problem of them all … unfortunately, copywriting isn’t something you can read about and expect to be good at . It takes years of practice to become great at it, and most people never succeed.

And by “practice,” I don’t mean just sitting down and writing a sales letter to yourself. You need to practice writing … over and over again . THEN, you need to use what you created to see if anyone takes the action you want them to take. That’s really the only way to test if your copy’s any good or not .

Imagine doing that more than once 🙁 Each time it happened, not only was it an expensive mistake, but it also made all the hours I spent writing the page … a complete waste!

Which brings me to another problem you’ll find when you try to learn copywriting—it takes tons of time.

After all, life doesn’t exactly stop and wait while you learn how to write sales copy … for example, when I was trying to become a good copywriter, not only was I running my own business (and managing the millions of small details that entails), but I was also trying to make sure I spent enough time with my wife and kids.

However, the news isn’t all grim …
After investing tons of my own time and money, my ambition did ultimately pay off… over a decade later.

By then, I’d FINALLY gotten good at copywriting and with that skillset, I’ve been fortunate to have been able to build 7 different multi-million dollar online businesses in all sorts of markets. I’ve sold everything from eBooks to informational video courses, to physical products like supplements and skin care, to SaaS (software as a service).ich is how I know that great copywriting is the foundation of any successful business.

However, until now, it wasn’t easy (or time efficient) to get great sales copy.

And that’s why I’m SO excited to tell you about a copywriting solution I created that’s infinitely easier, faster, and cheaper than hiring a copywriter or learning to write sales copy yourself


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You’ll never stare at a blank canvas, wondering what to write, again!


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Instead, you get to leverage all the “blood, sweat, and tears”I’ve spent studying world-class, legendary copywriters!

Copywriters like:



Arguably the greatest copywriter of all time



The most respected and ripped-off copywriting wizard alive



Wrote the famous „They Laughed“ headline used by thousands



Wrote the sales copy for the internet’s first million dollar day



One of the best video sales letter copywriters in the world

Author of the Amazon Best-Seller How to Write Copy That Sells


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Widely considered to be the world’s greatest living conversion expert



A pioneer in direct response marketing

So, with Automatic Script, you’ll get TONS of copywriting scripts I developed using everything I learned from those legendary copywriters … without the time, risk, or expense!

Plus, you’ll never have to worry about staring at a blank page (wondering what to write) again, because with Automatic Script, you can quickly create just about any kind of sales message you could ever need, like:


And it doesn’t even matter what you’re selling!

Automatic Script can be used by any and all businesses…

If you want someone to take action, Automatic Script can work for you!

Even better, Automatic Script is unbelievably simple to use. It works like this:


Select the kind of script you want to create. You can choose from any of the script types I mentioned earlier … things like Long-Form Sales Letters, Email Campaigns, Headlines, and so on.



Once you’ve selected a script type, pick a sample script to model. For example, let’s say you choose Sales Letters. You’ll find several examples of different sales letters you can create. Just select the one you want to model your own sales letter off of, before moving on to the next step.


Automatic Script will walk you through a series of questions where you simply fill in the blanks. Things like, “What’s your product’s name?”, “What’s the price of your product?”, “What’s the age of your perfect customer?” and so on. Questions so simple, a kindergartener (albeit, a very smart one) could answer them.



Next, click a button, and voilà … out pops a full-blown sales script that’s ready for you to review (and edit, if you desire). You then have the option to download it in a PDF file, Word document, or even PowerPoint.